All citizens of earth use nature's resources.

In the process, we also create waste.  

Most litter ends up in the ocean which is called Marine Debris.

Marine debris impacts not only our enjoyment of nature, but habitats and wildlife as well. 

We have the responsibility to protect the environment we need and enjoy.


 Litter from Land can travel many miles to find its home in the ocean.


Trash is a common sight washed up on beaches.

These beach scenes are from Waites Island, an undeveloped island on the coast of South Carolina. 

The washed up trash on Waites is a great example of how marine debris travels many miles through the ocean and pollutes the water and beaches.


When we are aware of this problem we will

be more careful how we handle our trash!

Protect our home.  

Use art that inspires action.

For many of us, water simply flows from a faucet, and we think little about it beyond this point of contact. We have lost a sense of respect for the wild river, for the complex workings of a wetland, for the intricate web of life that water supports.
— Sandra Postel