Our Crew 

Creativity is the soul of this company.

Each of our crew members bring a unique gift to the team.

Photo Credit: Michael Livingston

Jim Swaim, Creator and Crafter

Lifelong lover of nature, Jim Swaim has been in the art and entertainment industry for 30 years. He worked at many theaters creating sets and managing production. Driftalong Natural Designs is his other art business where he makes beautiful nautical-themed creations from driftwood and oyster shells.

 His creativity and passion for the environment fuel him as he navigates the waters this new adventure. Jim's leadership and determination will take Environmental Sculptures worldwide. 

Photo Credit:  Michael Livingston

Photo Credit: Michael Livingston

Paul, Artist and Designer

Paul has been sculpting for many years. He attended Rhode Island School of Design and graduated from Art Institute of Boston with his Bachelor of Fine Art . As a great friend of Jim, he uses his creativity to bring a vision to fruition. With attention to detail and perfection of every sketched line and curve, Paul's exquisite artistic abilities bring our Environmental Sculptures from vision to reality.

Founder Interview

Listen to an interview our founder, Jim Swaim, gave that tells the history of Environmental Sculptures, his vision for the future of the company, and our mission to inspire people to take care of the environment through the power of art.