We create art that inspires action to protect the earth!

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Here are some examples of recent sculptures we have created!




Sea Turtle  

North Myrtle Beach, SC

The Sea Turtle is a coastal favorite! It will be filled with trash at a local cleanup and displayed at the NMB History Museum!



Red fish

Georgetown, SC

Hobcaw is a nature preserve for research and environmental education. They love this red fish as it represents their southern fishing heritage and reminds visitors to pick up after themselves. 

redfish 2_preview.jpg

blue crab.jpg



Blue Crab

Annapolis, MD

The Annapolis Maritime Museum is a riverfront venue devoted to the ecology, maritime history & arts of the Chesapeake Bay. They are displaying the Blue Crab as a symbol of environmental responsibility to preserve this local favorite. 

Our Sculptures are custom designed and hand crafted

for your community to fill and enjoy. 


The Craftsmanship

We design and hand make custom sculptures with a hollow body so that they can be filled with litter!


The Cleanup

Create more engagement at your cleanup events with a sculpture that is fun for all ages to fill with the trash they collected!

buffalo   peg_preview.jpg

The Presentation

Inspire your community to protect the environment when they see the filled sculpture displayed in your city!

Cleanups are a great way to keep our earth clean and free of debris!

fill turtle.jpg

Create more engagement with your community

by filling a sculpture with COLLECTED trash! 

festival fill turtle.jpg



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