Environmental Sculptures was created in 2013 by Jim Swaim when he saw a need for environmental clean up throughout his time on the Intracoastal Waterway. Having spent a majority of his time outside, Swaim knew it was only a matter of time before our world was covered in more litter than natural habitat. Between the rate at which our world is experiencing environmental pollution and his fabrication repertoire, Jim teamed up with friend and fellow creative, Paul Quirk, to find a solution that is both effective and engaging. With Paul designing and Jim creating, Environmental Sculptures took off on its mission to educate, engage, and inspire communities all over the nation to take action and propel our world toward a more sustainable future.

Jim Swaim, Creator and Crafter

Lifelong lover of nature, Jim Swaim has been in the art and entertainment industry for 30 years. He worked at many theaters creating sets and managing production. Driftalong Natural Designs is his other art business where he makes beautiful nautical-themed creations from driftwood and oyster shells.

His creativity and passion for the environment fuel him as he navigates the waters this new adventure. Jim's leadership and determination will take Environmental Sculptures worldwide.

Paul Quirk, Artist and Designer

Paul has been sculpting for many years. He attended Rhode Island School of Design and graduated from Art Institute of Boston with his Bachelor of Fine Art. As a great friend of Jim, he uses his creativity to bring a vision to fruition. With attention to detail and perfection of every sketched line and curve, Paul's exquisite artistic abilities bring our Environmental Sculptures from vision to reality.


Allison Guist, Welder

Allison moved from Arkansas to Myrtle Beach, SC in May 2019 after graduating from Arkansas State University of Mountain Home, where she received her AAS degree in Workforce Technology. She began her journey in Automotive, which led her to her passion for the creative side of welding. When she’s not sparking things up in the shop, she enjoys playing D&D, listening to some of her favorite music and enticing her dog, Chewy, to love her by way of doggie snacks. Allison’s creative problem-solving and drive to expand her talents will propel Environmental Sculptures forward to the next level.


Casey York, Media Manager / PR

Casey was born and raised in a small town in Upstate New York, graduating with a B.F.A. in Fine Art Photography, Ceramics and Entrepreneurship from Syracuse University. Her career experience ranges from retail/gallery management to media marketing, while learning as many new skills as possible across multiple fields. When she’s not typing away on her computer or helping in the shop, Casey enjoys returning to the mountains as often as possible to camp and explore trails whether by hiking or on her mountain bike. Casey’s innate ability to problem-solve and connect with others lays down the groundwork for steady growth.